The Fairtrade certification supports practices of buying coffee at a fair price

Besides being a fabulous and an unmissable drink for an incalculable number of people, coffee is for many a way of living.

Not everyone knows that it is produced by more than twenty million small producers, who in turn give work and daily livelihood to about 125 million people! Industrial logics, aimed at maximizing profits while minimizing costs, have long exploited the "coffee workers" with little consideration for their living conditions and primary needs of their families. In addition, diseases, climate change, global warming and natural disasters make the coffee crop uncertain every year, increasing the precariousness of those who take care of growing, collecting and processing it. Luckily, the list of those who choose to do the right thing is constantly rising and the Fairtrade organization, a certified system that ensure fair prices to farmers in coffee (and not only), is at last starting to reach out to consumers, despite the hammering advertising campaigns of big brands which are simply not interested in what happens in the initial part of the production chain.

Caffè del Caravaggio has also decided to embrace the Fairtrade certification, with the awareness that the improvement of wages and working conditions of those who growth this spectacular plant do translate concretely into a real increase in quality and productivity for the benefit of all. Choosing a Fairtrade-certified coffee today means choosing a better, more authentic, more controlled and more "right" coffee, an activity that needs a permanent protection year on year. Come and discover our Coffee Menu, with the most precious single origins from Africa, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Jamaica: you will be absolutely delighted!




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