Quality coffee beans

Quality coffee beans pure Arabica, blends and single origins

Quality coffee beans pure Arabica, blends and single origins to satisfy the request of unique and outstanding coffees.  if you wish to drink in a restaurant, in an office or in the comfort of your home a quality coffee, the first rule is to ensure to use quality coffee beans, better if pure Arabica.  

We select only the best green coffees around the world, washed and natural, to allow our coffee master to create gourmet coffee blends.  They are all unique in taste and aroma to satisfy the requests of the most demanding clients.   We supply our coffees in beans in 1000 and 500 grams packs to allow clients to choose the best packaging according to their consumption in order to enjoy always a perfectly fresh coffee. Caffè del Caravaggio selection is not limited to precious coffee blends, like Vigoroso and Vellutato, but it has introduced also specialty single origins coffees like Guatemala Antigua and Nicaragua San Juan to satisfy the demand of the coffee lovers always researching for new flavours and aromas.  The Nicaragua San Juan product is also organic and fair trade certified.  

Therefore, regardless if you are in London, Berlin or Madrid, if you look for quality coffee beans pure Arabica, blends and single origins, Caffè del Caravaggio is the right supplier. 

 All our coffees are also roasted by the coffee master according to their origin and according to their original flavours and aromas.  Although they are all generally MEDIUM ROASTED specific to obtain the best result when extracting the coffee as an espresso, they are slightly personalized with a dark or light roasting technique in order to deliver all their unique flavours and aromas.  Discover the chocolate and hazelnut after taste of our Guatemala Antigua or the caramel aftertaste of our Nicaragua San Juan. Quality coffee beans pure Arabica, can be delivered only if the green coffee at the origin is excellent and if the roasting method enhances their flavours.  We know how to do it because we have over 20 years expertise working with the best coffee specialist in Italy. 

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