Quality Arabica certified coffees

Quality Arabica certified coffees ISO, Fairtrade and Organic.

Quality Arabica certified coffees ISO, Fairtrade and Organic is possible with Caffè del Caravaggio.  We pay the best possible attention to the quality of our products because we want our clients to be satisfied and we want them to remember our brand.  To achieve the best possible quality we do not hesitate to use the expertise of external consultant to ensure that the green coffee we buy is of the highest standards.  However, this is not enough; we have also decided to embrace several certification standards to certify our quality.  Let us see in details our certifications

The first one and most important is the food safety compliance certification ISO22000:2005.  The ISO 22000 standard, november 2005, certifies the safety of our coffees and that procedures are in place to ensure this safety all the time.  This certification demonstrates the ability of the company to control all the parameters during the production process to ensure the end consumers that our products are safe under all conditions.  In other words, guarantee the safety of our coffees along all the process from the field, where green coffee is cultivated up to your "table". ✅

The second certification that we embrace is the FairTrade one.  It is for us of Caffè del Caravaggio an important certifications because Fairtrade changes the way trade works through better prices, decent working conditions and a fairer deal for farmers and workers in developing countries. This is a major step forward the supply of a Quality Arabica certified coffee.   ✅

The third certification we commit to in order to certify the quality of our Arabica coffee is the Organic certification from ICEA.  Arabica coffees are by nature healthier and rich in flavour compared to Robusta coffees this is because growing at high altitudes (900-2000 meters) are less subjected to intensive productions.  The Organic ICEA certification is a further step forward this direction of a quality and safe Arabica coffee. ✅

These certifications are costly but we believe that they are necessary to ensure and protect the quality of our products and our clients. Quality Arabica certified coffees ISO, Fairtrade and Organic are by their very nature better quality products.     

What are you waiting for to try our quality certified coffees? 

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